02.04.11Nissim & Dor Ben LuLu

hi rafi' we are listning to your music and enjoy it very much. remmember our good old days. I hope to hear frome you, love you, Nissim

01.16.11Aeden Keffelew

Hello Rafi,

How are you? I hope all is well. I met you a year ago on the streets of Spanish Harlem. I am the young girl who was making a short film on El Barrio. You were kind enough to allow me to use some of your music from "My Island" on the film. I finished the short film and I wanted to send it to you. Can you send me your address ?

Thank you very much again!!!
I hope you enjoy it.


11.15.10Michael Corsa

Hi Rafi,

Just wanted to write and let you know we here at WNUR 89.3 FM in Chicago are really enjoying you're new CD, Water. Thanks very much for sending it. It's a real pleasure to hear such original stuff. Any plans to come through Chicago. If you have a regular mailing list, can you please add me to it?

Mike Corsa
WNUR Airplay Producer

08.12.10diego fernando gomez

me gustaria obtener tus dos trabajos musicales . my island,water , felicitaciones admiracion te escribo de cali colombia me gustaria comunicarme contigo mil gacias.

07.26.10dj el Malanga

hi, i'm an italian latin dj, in augost i'll be in nyc and i'd like to see wayne gorbea'salsa picante concert. i'can't find mail address, or a consert. Can you help me please??? thank you very much.

07.22.10Gil Even-Tsur

Hi Rafi
Really enjoying your music.
is there a way to i-phone upload it? or CD is the only way...?
not sure if you remember me...i was a year older in the academy high school in Jerusalem (sax player) and in matan.
(i was a boyfriend of Miriam medvin for few months)...:)

06.22.10Ben Littenberg

I just hgeard "Rain" on Vermont Public Radio. Where can I get a copy?


Fat Cat...היתה םקסים

05.20.10Irwin Chusid

I just heard a track (Mai Eben) from your new album on WKCR. Loved it! Can you please send me a radio promo copy. I will air it on WFMU.

11.23.09Rev. Brother AL Felton

Really enjoyed the intonation & sound coming from your trombone. I'm a trombonist as well, and certainly have a great appreciation whenever I listen to an awesome trombonist; such as yourself. Please continue to make others happy by displaying your God given ablilty and of course talented gift. Great music by the way!!!

07.28.09Rob Miller

Cool site.

06.06.09mahmoud elgarhy

dear sir you are a great person your music is moving the hearts god bless you and i would like to say as a one of the meadeast people your music can make peace between the people i hope to visit us and play for peace

12.28.08Ana Flores

My name is Ana Flores and I am writing to you because you came up in conversation about how well you play and a good friend of mine, Mr. Willie Alvarez, hipped me to your CD project, MY ISLAND. I listened to the samples and I can tell that this is HIGH QUALITY, INTELLIGENT and WELL- RESEARCHED music. You tap, Mr. Malkiel, the spectrum of all Latin Rhythms, including music from your background.

This is the type of music that many musicians should hip themselves to so that they can hear intricate, yet educated charts such as the ones you've compiled for this wonderful CD.

If you permit, I'd like to write a review on it and blog it on myspace, as well as hip some heavy duty veteran Latin and LatinJazz cats to your CD, who might not have heard of you and your wonderful production; I also belong to a LATIN JAZZ forum whose members include: Johnny Rodriguez, Jr. and Sonny Bravo, Pat Rodriguez and Bobby Sanabria, among many other well-educated musicians (perhaps you should join the forum...I'm certainly learning a lot from reading these musicians' posts!), and these cats would definitely enjoy and appreciated music/arrangements like yours.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed you and the other t'boners play last night at JdB's for the Manny Oquendo Y Libre performance.

By the way, I have worked with Abe Rodriguez, and you've made such a wise pick with this multi-faceted vocalist/musician whose very well versed in the folkloric musics of Puerto Rico.

10.10.08Dave DeWitt

Thank you very much for the fantastic show here at The Buffalo Academy for the Visual & Performing Arts. The Kids were talking about it all the next day. We`d love to have the group back sometime. Personally , as a fellow trombonist, I loved your playing. Great sound and you`ve got some serious chops.
Thanks again,
Dave DeWitt

03.18.08Diana Lombrozo

Hi Rafi,
My husband and I had the tremendous pleasure of being at your concert last night at the JCC in San Diego.
We were blown away by your talent, the sweetness of your playing, the perfect unisone with Chris and the rest of the quintet.
I've never enjoyed a jazz concert as much! Every piece you played, I thought it was my favorite, until the next one came. Thank you for an unforgettable evening of high quality music and great emotions!
Diana and Eli
PS. We'll definetly look you up when we go to NY next.
they were ALL my favorites

01.05.08maria spadanuda

Hrllo! I heard a cut from your CD on VPR a few weeks back and with help from a merchant have now learned how to purchase it! Its wonderful

12.21.07Ayelet Rose Gottlieb

Sounds great! I think we met once, and I keep hearing your name around... hope we play sometime...


12.16.07giora porter

Very impressive. "All the honor"



08.16.07Justin DiCioccio

Just back from Europe,and finally got to your CD.
What a WONDERFUL surprise! What a GREAT SOUL you have!! I had forgotten!!!!!
The concept, tunes, arrangements, playing by all, ensemble and recording sound is of the highest ARTISTIC order!! A Beautiful record
in everyway!! WOW!!!!
Keep up the GREAT work, and direction you are in! What a Thrill for
me to hear your ART!!
Have a Wonderful rest of the Summer!!

08.16.07Darrell Kennedy

Dear Rafi,
The CD arrived in the mail today. I had to listen to it immediately upon getting home... twice. Wow! Your horn playing covers the whole spectrum from subtle to brash. Thank you for the great music. The supporting players on your album aren't too shabby either, I recognize Anat Cohen from NPR broadcasts and Andy Gonzalez from my Calle 54 DVD. The ensemble you assembled and the style of music reminds me of skill and artistry found on that Calle 54 music documentary. I will be waiting for your next effort.

Thank you again for the music and your efforts to ensure that I got the disc.



08.07.07Debra Tallarico

Hello - I heard your wonderful CD last week on the radio. I'm in MN. I'd like to order it through Borders Books. Is it available there or at a store in the Twin Cities?
Thank you.

08.06.07reginald vaval

I just stumbled on your site. Where were you hiding? I love your music.
I have watched the trinity church concert and it was GOOOOOOOOD.. (it must have been depressing though to play for a dead audience...!) I appreciated it a lot. It is excellent Latin Jazz at its best. I loved it.
I will be visiting your site often and your cd is on my "cd-to-buy" list !

06.28.07Raul Mosquera

Hi Rafi:
My name is Raul Mosquera, Director of the web page www.laconga.org, which mission is promote Salsa and Latin Jazz in all its flavors. The review of your latest CD "My Island" has been published. Thank you for support and I'd like to ask you a couple of favors. The first one is that we want to see your group playing, so please let us know your schedule. The second favor is that I'd like to have a copy of the recording. We are working on having our Internet Radio Station and I'd like to play the songs in a special section dedicated to latin jazz.

Thanks for you response and please reply to this email at info@laconga.org

Raul mosquera

06.27.07Janice Hellzen

I was in my car driving yesterday, listening to jazz88 my local jazz station in mpls/st. paul when a cut from this cd came on. Wow, I was blown away. Immediately I wrote down the name of the cd and ordered it this morning. Nothing is more exciting then to hear an artist I haven't heard before and be just amazed by the music. I can't wait to get the cd. Janice


Hey rafi what's up bro? . . .
thanks for the cd . . . let me tell you it's amazing.
Now you can check my review at:
Let me know when and where are you going to be in new york to go and see you in stage.

See my friend and good luck with your debut tomorrow!!1

Diego Silva

06.21.07Eldad Yaron

Great music like always...

06.10.07david barton

Just heard you streaming to my laptop here in london where i am now once again living after years in new york. you may remember meeting at the jazz cafe london and at the bbc radio sessions when you came with wayne.
Best of luck with the cd; it sounded great via the web and i look forwrd to getting it eventually.


03.29.07Lisa Stein

Shalom Rafi,
First of all your music is playing as I write this and I find it very peaceful. Thank you.

Secondly, I am writing to you as a representative of the friends of israel arts (FIA). We would like permission to use your picture on our website (representing various aspects of israel arts)

toda m'rosh,
Lisa Stein

01.11.07Jim Dobson

I enjoyed your site


Rafi yakar,
Mazal tov, looks great, sounds great...
Did I tell you I loved "Suvinirim" and the music was great...

I'm working on my next home recordings...
Will you be into doing some playing on it...?
If yes, I'll let you know when somethings comes up...


Dash La- Gili.


12.05.06Lior and Einat

Hey Rafi, we really enjoyed listening to those samples!!! way to go!!!

07.23.06craig romney

I just watched the webcast of the rafi malkiel quintet at the trinity concert at one. I've replayed it about 10 times so far, and looked in vain on google to see if a recording of your group is available. It's the best latin jazz set i've heard; even better than buena vista social club.
I especially liked the first number, which you introduced as juahira, your composition blue bomba, and your take on nature boy.

please let me know if you have any recordings of your quintet, or other music.